Current development situation and future development of inkjet printing in ink, substrate and mixing technology!


Packaging printing offers advantages over other printing methods. Jon Pritchard, Label, Packaging and Inkjet Consultant at Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK, says “Inkjet printing offers a number of fundamental advantages such as contactless printing and scalable processes. . These capabilities allow the printer to handle a wider range of materials on the lamination. By combining inkjet printers with other technologies, printers are able to offer customers the widest range of finishes and applications, and create greater breakthroughs in design and innovation. "

  Simon Kersh, Label Business Development Manager at Texas UK and Ireland, explains the advantages of inkjet technology over alternative digital technologies, including high durability, resistance to fading and fading. and the ability to print in a variety of applications without additional coating or varnishing. Ability to print on material. Inkjet printers are also capable of producing raised images, and in high opacity white Tex can print 30% more ink. Using more colors in certain areas can give customers a textured or silkscreen effect that ink equipment cannot achieve.
  According to Werner Krummenach, head of product management for sales at Gallus, inkjet technology means endless possibilities. “If you take a close look at the different digital printing technologies, you will see that the inkjet printer is really the technology of the future, it has the greatest potential in terms of speed and quality. Therefore, inkjet printers will gradually catch up with the profitability of traditional printing. In the past, digital printing was mainly a short-term economy, but today, in some cases, it has become competitive in the short term. "
Offset and UV ink
  So far so good, but how do these advantages align with broader trends in label and packaging printing , and how do they help transitioners build new and open revenue streams? expand into new app markets?
  Stuart Rice, Commercial Printing and Production Manager at Canon UK and Ireland, states, “Different packaging sectors have different needs in terms of yield, format, substrate and finish. . Using an inkjet printer can provide many benefits such as personalized printing, variable data printing, and version control. Inkjet printers also offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing PSP to tailor production requirements to market conditions, and can also help achieve sustainability goals and expand into new markets and respond quickly by providing customized output according to the changing needs of the customer. "
  Mr. Pritchard added: “In industries such as corrugated packaging, inkjet printers are the only truly digital solution. Inkjet technology that can handle large-format paper, combined with a contactless printing process, outperforms ink-based contact printing. In the flexible packaging industry, there are also many technologies available, including inkjet printers, but the challenge is to ensure that the ink weight is low enough not to affect the film. For offset printing , trying to run a regular UV printer can be very limiting due to the thickness of the ink on the substrate. "
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